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Clearlife (Pty) Limited

Client Work Examples / Cases

Marketing Synchronicity / Sebastian Stock was approached by entreprenuers in late 2004 to assist them develop a product they had dreamed about for many years - convenient, waterproof, disposable toilet-seat covers.

All aspects of the product launch and development needed attention, most notably the product's feasibility, project financing, production facilities & machinery and the responsiveness of the retail trade to its potential launch.

The project lasted from 2004 to 2008. From beginning to end, Marketing Synchronicity was initimately involved in:

  • In-depth Desktop & Consumer Research
  • Market Size Estimation

  • A 5-Year Financial Plan
  • Negotiations with the Gijima Fund re European Union (EU) funding

  • Clearlife's Corporate Identity Development
  • Loo-gienic's Brand Identity Development
  • Advertising Agency Tenders
  • Advertising Campaign Development

  • Sales Agent Procurement
  • Listing Negotiations with large Retailer & Pharmacy Groups

Loo-gienic entered the South African consumer market in November / December 2008. Government sales and international markets were then explored before Marketing Synchronicity's involvement's came to an end.

"... I would recommend him to any company that is looking for a well-rounded, numerate and creative marketer, who puts 110% effort into all that he does."
- Logan Naidoo, CEO Clearlife (Pty) Limited

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