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Coastal's Cooperative

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Coastals Logo

Marketing Synchroncity worked with Coastals Farmers' Co-operative on modernising its image in the market place. Coastals felt that its branding, in-store and outdoor, was dull and unimpactful. This, coupled with the fact that competing companies were threatening to erode Coastals' market share, prompted Coastals to action.

Marketing Synchronicity was asked to analyse Coastal's corporate image and propose improvements.

Following extensive field trips up and down the coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal to areas including Mtubatuba, Gingindlovu and Port Shepstone, Marketing Synchronicity established that Coastals' branding was practically non-existent and needed urgent attention.

A revitalisation programme was adopted, initially centred around upgrading Coastals' site image.

By the end of the project, the following elements were developed and adopted:

  • Logo revitalisation
  • Letterhead and Business Card development
  • Clothing Branding
  • Outdoor Branding (Entrance and Main Road signage)
  • Branded Aisle Indicators
  • Perimeter / Wall Branding

Other items were also designed, including branded car decals and till-point branding, that would be considered later if budgets allowed their consideration.

Featured photographs are some of the results of the campaign.

Product Descriptors

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