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Lion Match Company / Unsgaard

Client Work Examples / Cases

Work with Lion Match Company effectively began in 2008 when Unsgaard was a division of Nkunzi Unsgaard. At that time, Unsgaard used Marketing Synchronicity's services to analyse markets and liaise with category partners in the cottonwool and baby wipes categories.

In late 2013 / early 2014, after Lion's acquisition of Unsgaard, work focused on merchandising training and reference materials, such as its Minimum Merchandising Standards (MMS) reference cards that Lion needed for its Feminine Hygiene, Baby Wipes, Male and Female Shaving, Shoe Polish, Cottonwool and its other business units.

In 2014, Lion Match Company asked Marketing Synchronicity to analyse its Baby Wipes and Cottonwool categories, with a view to establishing overall operating parameters, segment and market share trends, as a precursor to Brand Plan development.

A Summary & Recommendations Report was prepared, containing all relevant information in a tabular format.

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