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Sebastian Stock

Sebastian Stock is a seasoned marketer and category manager, having had over 25 years of experience working for a variety of blue-chip companies mostly in South Africa, but also in the United States.

Sebastian Stock has a strong work ethic, dedicated to his clients' well-being, is stimulated by challenging, creative projects, and especially enjoys tracking projects by monitoring sales off-take.

His goal is to expand his current business to provide a reliable out-sourced classical marketing, market analysis and category management service to local and international business as relates to the South African FMCG industry.

Sebastian Stock has worked in the marketing environment as a Market Analyst, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Category Manager and Consultant.

In his spare time, he is an avid photographer and enjoys working with his hands building elaborate tree-houses and kids' puppet theatres. He also enjoys all things digital.

Samancor Metals & Minerals

New Rochelle, New York, United States
Market Analyst 1982

Grey Advertising
New York City, United States
Research Trainee 1984

United Tobacco Company ( now BAT)
Industria, Johannesburg, South Africa
Market Analyst 1986
Brand Manager 1992

Smith & Nephew Limited
Durban, South Africa
Senior Brand Manager 1993
Marketing Manager 1999

Accantia South Africa (now Lil-lets SA)
Durban, South Africa
Category Manager 2000

Institute Marketing Management (IMM)
Durban, South Africa
Marketing Lecturer 2003

Marketing Synchronicity cc
Durban, South Africa
Owner 2003 (specialising in category, marketing & trade marketing management)

"His years of experience in Marketing Information prior to Brand Management have held him in good stead in terms of developing a logical, searching mind. His knowledge of computers has been put to practical use in data intepretation and in the physical presentation of ideas ..."

WA Nel, Marketing Manager, United Tobacco Company
30 September 1992


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