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Smith & Nephew South Africa

Client Work Examples / Cases

In 2005/2006, work was merchandising and category management orientated.

Marketing Synchronicity was tasked with developing specialised, professional-looking merchandising units for their unusually shaped medical products for the retail / pharmaceutical trade.

This was a collaborative effort involving:

  • Smith & Nephew's advertising agency
  • Key players in Smith & Nephew's retail sales force.

In 2013/2014, work with Smith & Nephew focused on business data analysis. Smith & Nephew's Advanced Wound Management Division (AWM) took on Marketing Sychronicity's services as a Business Analyst.

This involved

  • Analysing data using Business Objectives (BO) software
  • Excel and Analyse-it (statistical) packages
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for presentation.

Worked has evolved further into strategic project-focused analysis work (ePATS).

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