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What is "Marketing Synchronicity"?


Marketing Synchronicity

Marketing Synchronicity was started in 2003.

The company was created to offer a "synchronisation" service that assists companies optimise their marketing and sales efforts to the retail and pharmaceutical industries in South Africa, i.e. from factory to shelf.

The company's strength lies in Fast Moving Consumer Goods markets, particularly consumer healthcare and hygiene.

The services of Marketing Synchronicity that are particularly noteworthy are:

  • classical marketing
  • category management (space planning)
  • data analysis
  • trade marketing support

Marketing Synchronicity's vision is:

  • "to be a unique, professional, high quality marketing and category management consultancy, known for its attention to detail and speed of delivery of services and products"

  • and to be a business that

- get the basics right
- maximises client service levels
- adds value to their companies

- develops new or renewed marketing strategies
- provides trade marketing assistance
- creates Below-the-Line creative executions that complement Above-the-Line

  • and have fun while doing it

Consider these synchronisations

  • the flight of aircraft flying in formation at airshows
  • jugglers juggling balls and/or bowling pins
  • dancers performing synchronised routines that mirror eachothers performances.

Marketing Synchronicity strives to emulate these types of synchronisations, but in the business world - the seamless coordination and follow through of marketing and category management efforts.

On the one hand, Marketing Synchronicity creates strategic and competitive advantage by working behind the scenes doing relevant market research analysis, and on the other, implementing creative, high impact marketing plans.

Through its dogmatic efforts, Marketing Synchronicity strives to offer a service of "perpetual wakefulness" - continual analysis via multiple perspectives that result in true insight and tangible business opportunity - as personfied in this unusual image, that was originally created as one of Marketing Synchronicity's logo elements.


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